Other Initiatives

Dry and wet waste management drives

  • With the collaboration of Seva Sahyog foundation in Pune, 1000s of wet and dry waste dustbins were given separately to the slum dwellers and an awareness campaign was taken up.

Sensitizing youth through volunteer involvement.

  • Young university students were managed to take up various activities like aiding a paper bag making event, initiating the #usemeinstead campaign for no plastic awareness etc.

Teaching slum kids on essentials of life.

  • Essential topics of sustainability, hygiene, habits and addictions, sex educations and life development are taught via the Bloom project in Pune in the CLCs of Seva Sahyog foundation.

Events: exhibitions & happiness drives.

  • We try to proliferate the idea of Happiness and sustainable living by the various exhibitions and events we take part in.

Cool vadodara green vadodara campaign.

  • This campaign focused on providing thermal comfort in mandirs and public spaces in the Vadodara city for societal benefit. Happy streets and large gatherings are a common conduct in the modus operandi to proliferate the idea of Green .